Top 7 Business Analytics Tools

As the use of data driven insights grows, companies rely more on Business Analytics tools to get essential information. These tool provide functions such as data visualisation and model prediction. Firstly, it helps organization to remain ahead and develops a competitive advantage. In our previous articles, we have explain about business Analytics and their application in modern world. In this article, we have given 7 best business analytics tools that change the way businesses analyze their data.

Top 7 Business Analytics Tools: Power of data driven decision

1. Tableau:

One of the reasons why tableau became a common business analytics tool is its easy user interface combined with great analytical capacities. Creating dashboards is highly-visual and interactive, as well as allows users to delve into sophisticated data sets and make actionable business decisions. Today, the use of Tableau is common among many companies as they turn the raw information into visual stories through drag-and-drop option and visualization.

2. Microsoft Power BI:

Among the most impressive features of Microsoft Power BI is its ease of compatibility with a plethora of software packages offered by Microsoft. Users can generate interactive reports including dashboards on power BI for examining data and collaborating in different groups. It offers advanced analytics and custom visualization that makes it a perfect solution for simplifying how you analyze your data.

3. Google Analytics:

Web analysis through Google Analytics can provide insight into website traffic, user behavior, and online performance. Companies can measure parameters such as number of visits on websites, page views, conversion ratios and user’s demographic data. Google Analytics has powerful reporting tools, makes use of real-time data and assists businesses in redesigning their online strategies, creating a better user experience.

4. SAS:

SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System and it is well known for its powerful predicting models and sophisticated statistical analyses. Firstly, it helps one to analyze intricate information sets, detect trends, and predict outcomes based on facts. It is endowed with statistical applications and many data handling options. The SAS software is commonly applied in the finances, medicine, or marketing business where data analysis and forecasting methods are essential.

5. IBM Cognos Analytics:

Compared to above business analytics tools, IBM Cognos Analytics has distinct features. it has an AI powered analytic functionality that enables the company to develop a data-based strategy in decision making. They facilitate acquisition of information, analysis, and presentation of statistics from diverse source points for company usage. This also comes with state of the art reporting, dashboards that provide understanding about some of the most important performance indicators and metrics.

6. Qlik Sense:

Qlik Sense is an advanced business analytics solution that is suitable for small and large enterprises, mainly facilitating data exploration and visualization. Its friendly interface allows easy creation of comprehensive reporting data from the explored data. The associative data model of Qlik Sense allows the users to explore data associations and discover insights.

7. Apache Spark:

Apache Spark is a free of charge big data processing engine designed to allow companies process big data sets and perform complicated data operations. it has advanced fast data processing services and works with many programming languages. The Apache Spark tool is flexible for data analytic and machine learning purposes in all of the above tools. It is designed with a distributed computing architecture as well as in-memory processing features for handling big data analytics and processing purposes.


These seven business analytics tools help companies get actionable information, ranging from data visualization to predictive modeling. Today, businesses require to be agile, responsive and pro-active to an ever more competitive marketplace and these tools can deliver that.

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