How to download Google Map OfflineHow to download Google Map Offline

How to download Google Map Offline: Whether you’re on Android, iOS, or a Chromebook, you can download Google Maps through the app to make sure you don’t get lost while navigating through boas where signal is sparse. Before we begin, there are a few things worth knowing. Most importantly, you will have access to navigation features when using offline maps. However, you won’t have access to Google Maps features like Street View, traffic updates, public transit navigation, bicycle routes, or Google’s Busy Areas features. So let’s know how to download offline maps.

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How to download Google Map Offline

  1. Open Google Maps app.
  2. Search the map of the location you want to download before going to the download option using the search bar. Searching for destinations or cities is easiest.
  3. To close the search results while keeping the field on your screen, tap the back arrow in the search bar.
  4. With the desired area on your screen, tap on your circular profile photo in the search bar to open the menu.
  5. Tap Offline Maps to open the Offline Maps page.
  6. Tap Choose your map to select the map of your choice.
  7. To resize the blue rectangle, use two-finger pinch to zoom in or out. The blue rectangle determines the size of your map. Include destinations or areas you can visit.
  8. Tap Download to add the map to your stored data.

Note: There is a size limit to the map area you can download. Not in terms of data, but in terms of physical map area. However you can download offline maps as per your storage permission.

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How to auto-update offline maps

Offline maps need to stay updated. While Google Maps allows you to manually update maps unless you have limited internet access, it makes more sense to allow automatic updates to downloaded maps. To enable automatic updates, navigate to the Offline Maps page and follow these steps:

  • On the Offline Maps page, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner to open the Offline Maps setting. This page contains options that you can enable or disable.
  • To let Google automatically update your maps from time to time, enable Auto-update offline maps at the top of the page.
  • Your maps will update automatically. If the map is the latest and most accurate, then there is nothing to worry about.

How to delete unused offline maps

When you end your trip or move to a new town or city, you might not want to use up the storage on those unused maps. Most offline maps are less than 100MB, so you might want to keep them in case you visit the place again. However, if you’re getting low on storage, here’s how to delete them.

  • Find the map you want to delete and tap the three dots to the right of the map info to bring up the management pop-up.
  • In the Management pop-up, tap Delete. This opens another pop-up asking to confirm the deletion of the map.
  • Tap Yes to remove offline maps

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