Meta introduces web version of Threads App

Recently Meta has introduced web version of Threads app. Now Threads users will be able to post content, view their feed and engage with posts directly from their desktop. The users of the Threads app, which is called the copy of X social media, are continuously decreasing. In such a situation, to attract new users, the company will bring more new features in the coming weeks.

The currently launched web version empowers users with posting and feed-viewing capabilities, but it comes with some limitations. Desktop users will not have the option to edit their profile or send threads through Instagram DM.

This app was launched on 5th July. As of early July, the Threads app had about 50,000 daily active users on Android devices, and within a few days more than 10 million people had signed up. But after July, the users of the app are continuously decreasing, the user engagement time has also decreased.

According to SimilarWeb data, on July 6 the time spent on the Threads app was around 14 minutes per day, but as of August 1, the time has come down to just 2.3 minutes. These numbers show that people are not actively using the app.

Instagram launched this app with the intention of competing with Twitter. The overall interface of the app is very similar to the design of the X. Currently Threads Has Lost More Than 80% of Its Daily Active Users.

Who owns threads?

Threads is own and operated by Meta Platforms.

How many active users on Threads?

Threads has around 33 million daily active users.

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